वाटी दाल / चना दाल के खमन ढोकला, एक गुजराती व्यंजन है जो चने की दाल से बनाया जाता है। इसमे ढोकले को नरम और स्पंजी बनाने के लिए इनो का उपयोग हुआ है लेकिन आप इसमें बेकिंग सोडा का उपयोग भी कर सकते हैं।

हम लोगों ने अधिकतर चावल का दोसा ही खाया होगा | पर आप जानते हैं की हम सूजी का दोसा भी बना सकते हैं ? और सूजी का दोसा बनाने में आपको पहले से कुछ बनाने की ज़रुरत भी नहीं | तो आइये आज हम सूजी दोसा बनाने की विधि देखते हैं |

फ्रेंच फ्राइज एक ऐसा स्नैक है जो की हर एक घर में आराम से बन सकता है परन्तु हम इसे रेस्ट्रॉन्ट में ही अधिकतर खाते हैं | फ्रेंच फ्राइज बहुत ही स्वादिष्ट और मज़ेदार सामग्री है जो की बच्चे और वृद दोनों पसंद करते हैं | तो आइये आज हम फ्रेंच फ्राइज बनाने की विधि पर नज़र डालते हैं |

लिट्टी चोखा बिहार झारखन्ड में खायी जाने वाली पारम्परिक स्वादिष्ट डिश हैं इसे आप लन्च, डिनर या छुट्टी के दिन बना कर खाइये बहुत ही अच्छी लगेगी, लिट्टी देखने में तो बाटी जैसी लगती है, लेकिन थोड़ा सा अन्तर है. इसके अन्दर भरी जाने वाली पिठ्ठी सत्तू से बनाई जाती है और यह लिट्टी बैगन के चोखा (भुर्ता) या आलू के चोखा के साथ खाई जाती है.  मिक्स वेज चोखा और टमाटर की चटनी भी साथ में बनायी जाता है. तो आइये बनाना शुरू करें लिट्टी चोखा (Litti Choka).

Suji Gulab Jamun is very sweet and soft sweets and is recommended for new cook as its very easy to make !

Here are quick & simple egg curry varieties to accompany your rice, roti, naan, paratha and more .

Soups can either be kind or kindling, and this one is of the latter style. Pepped up with oregano and chilli flakes, this spicy soup features an iron-rich combination of rajma and Mexican salsa. Blanched and finely chopped tomatoes make the soup super tangy, and also impart a lasting good mouth-feel.

Makhmali Paneer Tikka, as name suggested, smooth and velvety. This paneer-based tikka has a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth feel, due to being soaked in rich ingredients like curd, cheese and cashew paste.

We have enjoyed different parathas, Aloo, Gobhi, Paneer and many more, but Urad dal paratha is one of the delicious dal paratha in Northern part of India. If you want to prepare something different from the usual vegetable parathas Urad dal paratha is for you. They are perfect food to take it to school or office lunch or even to take it to picnic or while traveling.

We often need to do all the preparations before hand for making Moong dal or Urad dal dahi vada but Paneer vada can be prepared instantly and easily and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Raita is the perfect accompaniment for all kinds of dishes, especially spicy or hot ones as the yogurt cut the heat and have the cooling effect in summer

Aam ki Launji, also known as Guramma is made by cooking mangoes with a readily available selection of spices and powders. It is loved by childrens specially when served with parathas.

If there is shortage of time to cook Chhole Bhature seperately, We can cook Aaloo Bhature in very less time, less ingredients and more delicious.

Sarson Ka Saag – Makki Ki Roti, a popular dish of punjab now popular in all over india. It is made with thick granules maize flour, saag prepared with sarso leaves, spinach, bathua or methi leaves.

Anjeer (Figs) kofta curry is a traditional Punjabi recipe. It is very popular among Punjabi’s during any festivals, made with Paneer, Potato Koftas and stuffed with Figs. 

Peas (Matar) are very normal in winter. We can cook peas in numerous ways, But if it is Kofta, each and every family member loves it.

Generally, in morning we love to take Parathas, and if it is of different types than hunger hikes to it extreme. Gajar Paratha is one of them which is full of taste and nutrients.

Besan Churma Ladoo, molded with besan, usually served in any festival like Diwali or Holi, enjoyed by most of the kids

Khoya (Mawa) Gujiya Recipe is a sweet delicacy that is served on special occasions and to celebrate the colors of the famous festival- Holi  or festival of light- Diwali

Singhare Namkeen Biscuit, a tasty snacks that can be taken anytime a day when you are fast in any worship (pooja) made with vrat salt ie sendha namak

Sabudana Kheer (Payasam) is one of the most favored dish for fasting and the mostly used dish among indian during fast or festivals. Its so nice to see the bubble like form over the milk and so loved by childrens.

Cake generally need oven to bake, but this recipe of chocolate cake is baked without oven with delicious chocolate mostly loved by childrens.

Chana dal ground with onions, green chillies, curry leaves, mixed with red chilli powder, hing and coconut, shaped into wadas and deep fried.

Sindhi Aloo Pyaaz Pakode, Potato and onion pakode made in the Sindhi style

Gobhi Tak-A-Tak, Cauliflower cooked in spicy masala to be served as snacks as well as with chapati in breakfast

Dal Dhokali, prepared with spices and flour is a complete meal in itself. Rajasthani Dal Dhokli is full of proteins and very healthy for whole family.

Moong Dal Pakoda, Pakoda made with Ground Moong Dal Or Yellow Lentil, along with other spices. Moong daal Pakoda is best to be served in evening with all family

Palak Chole, a mixture of Palak and Kabuli Channa, taste awesome when put together. Palak Chole can pe serve in breakfast as well as in dinner with chapati

Apple Murabba, a very nutritious and full of minerals and vitamins which are really soothing. Apple Murabba is really beneficial for proper digestion as well

Lavang Latika is a traditional recipe of Bengal prepared especially on festivals. This tantalizing dish coated with sugar syrup and crusty from outside but stuffed with mawa and dry fruits and with a clove on top is loved by all.

This Bengali dish Patishapta is prepared with milk and refined flour malpua like a cheela, stuffed with mawa, coconut and dry fruit filling and is served like a roll

Palak (Spinach) Soup, very healthy and nutritious soup made with spinach, onion, tomato and spiced with green chilies and black pepper.

Mushroom soup is prepared with numerous styles. But when Mushroom cream is stir fried in butter and grounded spices, then there is nothing more scrumptious than this mushroom soup. 

Mango Vermicelli Kheer, Mix vermicelli in mango pulp to make scrumptious kheer and serve it after meals as a dessert

Lauki KI Muthia, a gujrati dish, coocked in very less oil. It is loved by people taking as snacks or breakfast

Stuffed Tindora, also known as Stuffed Tendli and भरवां कुंदरू in hindi is cooked by stuffing special masala in the tindora

Baby corn Matar Curry is a very simple and classic dish that goes well with rice, biryani, pulao, phulkas, parathas and naan

Mushroom butter masala is a spicy and delicious side dish like paneer butter masala. Both the gravies are prepared with almost same ingredients. Only the paneer is replaced with mushroom pieces.

Gobhi Musallam, cauliflower is  first marinated and then cooked with spicy gravy and served quite exotic way. Its a very presentable north Indian dish for parties, dinners and for special occasions

Macaroni mixed with small potato pieces, having spicy curry

Shahi Paneer, Paneer cooked in makhni gravy – favourite restaurant and dhaba dish

A must in every Punjabi household – rajma cooked with onion-tomato masala

Masoor dal with palak, the unbeatable combination of masoor dal with palak nourishes your body with proteins, iron and folic acid

Dal Makhani, spicy and heavy dal preparation made with a combination of rajma and urad dal

Golden fried crisp brinjal slices, popular in bengal

Coconut Burfi, also known as Nariyal Barfi, sweet made with coconut powder and sugar syrup 

Black Gram (Chana) is fried with special masala

Lauki is generally not liked by most of the people, but is very useful for health, So to take it in a different way we stuff them in paratha

Litti Chokha also known as Bati Chokha is a popular dish of Bihar and some area of East UP, It is made by stuffing sattu and hence very good for health

Potatoes, peanuts and paneer mixed with masalas, made into rolls, further rolled in bread slices and deep fried

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