Batter fried cauliflower florets cooked in flavourful manchurian sauce

Suji Ladoo also known as Rava ladoo is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet. This is a popular ladoo prepared almost in every household for all the festivals

Malrot, breakfast popular in Hyderabad

Luscious and easy to make, Palak mushroom curry can be prepared with any gravy of your choice be it coconut, cashews, poppy seeds, gram flour, tomato and so on

Arbi is prepared with numerous styles but arbi jhol prepared with fried lotus seeds is delicious to eat. This is usually liked in Brijbhumi .i.e. Agra and mathura.

A luscious vegetable recipe ,kaju-korma is simply divine with the paneer and vegetables stir fried and then simmered in a thick, creamy and rich cashew nut or kaju and khoya based gravy

One of the most relished snack usually eaten with buns

Paratha stuffed with matar (green peas)

Fruit Raita is a healthy and yummy dip prepared by mixing curd and diced fresh fruits like apple, pineapple, pomegranate, banana, strawberry etc

Paneer Open Toast, cooked with low fat paneer and vegetables which makes wheat made toast delicious 

Besan Dhokla, a famous Gujarati Snack, light and can be enjoyed at eve or in morning together with family

A quick snack made using papadi, popular in Chandni Chowk Delhi

A traditional and a famous non veg chinese dish, usually serve in festival, like Eid, Holi etc

Baby potatoes in a distinctive five spice mix, steamed with mustard paste, curd and coconut

Gulab Jamun is among India’s most popular desserts! This delicious dessert consists of dumplings traditionally made of thickened or reduced milk, soaked in rose flavored sugar syrup.

Petha is a popular Indian sweet. It is soft chewy and candy-like, eaten dry or dipped in sugar syrup (chashni). It is known to have originated in Agra.

Stuffed Karela, bitter gourd stuffed with fresh indian spices, specially cooked in Uttar Pradesh. The best part? The bitterness of the karela is more or less removed with a ‘special treatment’

Shredded tandori chicken stir-fried and flavoured with real indian spices

Hyderabad Chicken dum biryani, a classic dish of the Mughal Nizams is an eye-catching aromatic rice loved by all

Mutton do pyaza is a beautiful mutton dish, full of flavor comes from slow braising on low heat and onions are added in two stages, full of bold and rustic flavor

Paneer Sandwich is an easy sandwich made with Indian cottage cheese. A quick breakfast or snack recipe and is kids friendly.

Batata Vada is nothing but crisp potato fritters encased in a gram flour batter, popular in Gujrat and Maharastra

Rice Oats idli recipe is another easy way to include oats (oatmeal) in our daily diet. Oats idli is a healthy breakfast that can be enjoyed with whole family

Cabbage Koftas are fried dumplings in a variety of spicy gravies. The dumplings can be made using a variety of vegetables and some popular ones are cabbage, laucki (bottle  guard), zucchini, or a potato-paneer mix

Its a North Indian style of food Typical Punjabi onion-tomato masala is the base of this dal

Cake is a form of sweet dessert that is typically baked to be enjoyed in any happy or memorable moments.

Spring rolls, a classic chinese dish that is enjoyed by everyone, children in particular, These rolls, deep-fried are cut up and served fresh garnished with grated vegetables.

Dahi Bhalla, deep fried urad dal dumplings served with chilled yogurt, popular in delhi originated from punjab

Kashmiri pulao, a popular Kashmiri rice dish prepared with dry fruits, nuts and fresh fruits. Its an exotic dish perfect for get togethers and small parties

Paratha is stuffed with gobhi, absolutely delicious and one of the most popular paratha in North India for a small family, especially for weekend

Chilli Paneer, paneer and capsicums go well together in this delicious starter, originated through china and popular in whole india

Typical Punjabi recipe Kadi Pakora coocked with besan served with rice or Chapati, popular in north india

A famous Indian dessert carrot halwa made easy using microwave or using pressure cooker

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