वाटी दाल / चना दाल के खमन ढोकला, एक गुजराती व्यंजन है जो चने की दाल से बनाया जाता है। इसमे ढोकले को नरम और स्पंजी बनाने के लिए इनो का उपयोग हुआ है लेकिन आप इसमें बेकिंग सोडा का उपयोग भी कर सकते हैं।

फ्रेंच फ्राइज एक ऐसा स्नैक है जो की हर एक घर में आराम से बन सकता है परन्तु हम इसे रेस्ट्रॉन्ट में ही अधिकतर खाते हैं | फ्रेंच फ्राइज बहुत ही स्वादिष्ट और मज़ेदार सामग्री है जो की बच्चे और वृद दोनों पसंद करते हैं | तो आइये आज हम फ्रेंच फ्राइज बनाने की विधि पर नज़र डालते हैं |

लिट्टी चोखा बिहार झारखन्ड में खायी जाने वाली पारम्परिक स्वादिष्ट डिश हैं इसे आप लन्च, डिनर या छुट्टी के दिन बना कर खाइये बहुत ही अच्छी लगेगी, लिट्टी देखने में तो बाटी जैसी लगती है, लेकिन थोड़ा सा अन्तर है. इसके अन्दर भरी जाने वाली पिठ्ठी सत्तू से बनाई जाती है और यह लिट्टी बैगन के चोखा (भुर्ता) या आलू के चोखा के साथ खाई जाती है.  मिक्स वेज चोखा और टमाटर की चटनी भी साथ में बनायी जाता है. तो आइये बनाना शुरू करें लिट्टी चोखा (Litti Choka).

Makhmali Paneer Tikka, as name suggested, smooth and velvety. This paneer-based tikka has a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth feel, due to being soaked in rich ingredients like curd, cheese and cashew paste.

We have enjoyed different parathas, Aloo, Gobhi, Paneer and many more, but Urad dal paratha is one of the delicious dal paratha in Northern part of India. If you want to prepare something different from the usual vegetable parathas Urad dal paratha is for you. They are perfect food to take it to school or office lunch or even to take it to picnic or while traveling.

We often need to do all the preparations before hand for making Moong dal or Urad dal dahi vada but Paneer vada can be prepared instantly and easily and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Aam ki Launji, also known as Guramma is made by cooking mangoes with a readily available selection of spices and powders. It is loved by childrens specially when served with parathas.

If there is shortage of time to cook Chhole Bhature seperately, We can cook Aaloo Bhature in very less time, less ingredients and more delicious.

Sarson Ka Saag – Makki Ki Roti, a popular dish of punjab now popular in all over india. It is made with thick granules maize flour, saag prepared with sarso leaves, spinach, bathua or methi leaves.

Generally, in morning we love to take Parathas, and if it is of different types than hunger hikes to it extreme. Gajar Paratha is one of them which is full of taste and nutrients.

Gobhi Tak-A-Tak, Cauliflower cooked in spicy masala to be served as snacks as well as with chapati in breakfast

Lauki KI Muthia, a gujrati dish, coocked in very less oil. It is loved by people taking as snacks or breakfast

Macaroni mixed with small potato pieces, having spicy curry

Black Gram (Chana) is fried with special masala

Lauki is generally not liked by most of the people, but is very useful for health, So to take it in a different way we stuff them in paratha

Potatoes, peanuts and paneer mixed with masalas, made into rolls, further rolled in bread slices and deep fried

Rava Upma, a south indian dish perfect for breakfast or tiffin made with fresh cut vegetables and rawa

Malrot, breakfast popular in Hyderabad

One of the most relished snack usually eaten with buns

Paratha stuffed with matar (green peas)

Fruit Raita is a healthy and yummy dip prepared by mixing curd and diced fresh fruits like apple, pineapple, pomegranate, banana, strawberry etc

Paneer Open Toast, cooked with low fat paneer and vegetables which makes wheat made toast delicious 

Besan Dhokla, a famous Gujarati Snack, light and can be enjoyed at eve or in morning together with family

A quick snack made using papadi, popular in Chandni Chowk Delhi

Baby potatoes in a distinctive five spice mix, steamed with mustard paste, curd and coconut

Paneer Sandwich is an easy sandwich made with Indian cottage cheese. A quick breakfast or snack recipe and is kids friendly.

Batata Vada is nothing but crisp potato fritters encased in a gram flour batter, popular in Gujrat and Maharastra

Rice Oats idli recipe is another easy way to include oats (oatmeal) in our daily diet. Oats idli is a healthy breakfast that can be enjoyed with whole family

Paratha is stuffed with gobhi, absolutely delicious and one of the most popular paratha in North India for a small family, especially for weekend

Chilli Paneer, paneer and capsicums go well together in this delicious starter, originated through china and popular in whole india

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