Anjeer (Figs) kofta curry is a traditional Punjabi recipe. It is very popular among Punjabi’s during any festivals, made with Paneer, Potato Koftas and stuffed with Figs. 

Peas (Matar) are very normal in winter. We can cook peas in numerous ways, But if it is Kofta, each and every family member loves it.

Dal Dhokali, prepared with spices and flour is a complete meal in itself. Rajasthani Dal Dhokli is full of proteins and very healthy for whole family.

Palak Chole, a mixture of Palak and Kabuli Channa, taste awesome when put together. Palak Chole can pe serve in breakfast as well as in dinner with chapati

Stuffed Tindora, also known as Stuffed Tendli and भरवां कुंदरू in hindi is cooked by stuffing special masala in the tindora

Baby corn Matar Curry is a very simple and classic dish that goes well with rice, biryani, pulao, phulkas, parathas and naan

Mushroom butter masala is a spicy and delicious side dish like paneer butter masala. Both the gravies are prepared with almost same ingredients. Only the paneer is replaced with mushroom pieces.

Gobhi Musallam, cauliflower is  first marinated and then cooked with spicy gravy and served quite exotic way. Its a very presentable north Indian dish for parties, dinners and for special occasions

Macaroni mixed with small potato pieces, having spicy curry

Shahi Paneer, Paneer cooked in makhni gravy – favourite restaurant and dhaba dish

A must in every Punjabi household – rajma cooked with onion-tomato masala

Masoor dal with palak, the unbeatable combination of masoor dal with palak nourishes your body with proteins, iron and folic acid

Dal Makhani, spicy and heavy dal preparation made with a combination of rajma and urad dal

Golden fried crisp brinjal slices, popular in bengal

Black Gram (Chana) is fried with special masala

Litti Chokha also known as Bati Chokha is a popular dish of Bihar and some area of East UP, It is made by stuffing sattu and hence very good for health

Besani Bhindi, A Marwadi specialty with lady fingers (Bhindi)

Cottage cheese and capsicum mixed viggie

Batter fried cauliflower florets cooked in flavourful manchurian sauce

Luscious and easy to make, Palak mushroom curry can be prepared with any gravy of your choice be it coconut, cashews, poppy seeds, gram flour, tomato and so on

Arbi is prepared with numerous styles but arbi jhol prepared with fried lotus seeds is delicious to eat. This is usually liked in Brijbhumi .i.e. Agra and mathura.

A luscious vegetable recipe ,kaju-korma is simply divine with the paneer and vegetables stir fried and then simmered in a thick, creamy and rich cashew nut or kaju and khoya based gravy

A traditional and a famous non veg chinese dish, usually serve in festival, like Eid, Holi etc

Baby potatoes in a distinctive five spice mix, steamed with mustard paste, curd and coconut

Stuffed Karela, bitter gourd stuffed with fresh indian spices, specially cooked in Uttar Pradesh. The best part? The bitterness of the karela is more or less removed with a ‘special treatment’

Shredded tandori chicken stir-fried and flavoured with real indian spices

Hyderabad Chicken dum biryani, a classic dish of the Mughal Nizams is an eye-catching aromatic rice loved by all

Mutton do pyaza is a beautiful mutton dish, full of flavor comes from slow braising on low heat and onions are added in two stages, full of bold and rustic flavor

Cabbage Koftas are fried dumplings in a variety of spicy gravies. The dumplings can be made using a variety of vegetables and some popular ones are cabbage, laucki (bottle  guard), zucchini, or a potato-paneer mix

Its a North Indian style of food Typical Punjabi onion-tomato masala is the base of this dal

Kashmiri pulao, a popular Kashmiri rice dish prepared with dry fruits, nuts and fresh fruits. Its an exotic dish perfect for get togethers and small parties

Typical Punjabi recipe Kadi Pakora coocked with besan served with rice or Chapati, popular in north india

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